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Our Founders


Firdavs Shakhidi

Director and co-owner of fintech startup - Fortu Wealth and financial institution Jefferson Capital

Abdullo Kurbanov

Abdullo Kurbanov

Director and co-founder of the financial and technological company - Alif Bank. Co-founder of the portal

Azamat Sultanov.jpg

Azamat Sultanov

Director and co-founder of fintech startup - Fortu Wealth. Investor

Uktam Matlabov.JPG

Uktam Matlabov

Vice President of the London branch of a private Swiss bank

Zuhursho Rahmatulloev.jpg

Zuhursho Rakhmatulloev

Co-founder of the financial and technological company - Alif. 

Our Team


Matluba Salikhova

Chairman of the organization


Ikromkhon Valiev

Project manager


Muhammadi Saburov

Chief Accountant

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