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"Information Technology Laboratory", opened at boarding school No. 2 of the district of Firdousi, Republic of Tajikistan.

For 5 years, the Peshraft public organization has been successfully carrying out its activities in Tajikistan in areas of improving the level of education and literacy of young people, and also directly carries out charitable activities among vulnerable segments of the population.

As part of the “Access to Educational Resources” direction of the Peshraft public organization, in January this year a unique innovative project “IT Lab” - (“Laboratory of Information Technologies”) was launched, which provides students of boarding schools with the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills needed in modern world through computer programs and the Internet. We were able to organize the first IT laboratory in a specialized boarding school No. 2 of the Firdavsi district, thanks to the effective support of the company and the Kuhiston fund. We express our sincere gratitude to the company “Samsung Electronics” and the “Kuhiston” fund, who provided us with great assistance in equipping the laboratory. They transferred and installed 16 computers and 8 computer desks in a specialized boarding school No. 2 of the Firdavsi district. I would like to note that before the students of this boarding school were not able to work on computers, because they were never allocated them, computer science was not even part of the school curriculum.

The uniqueness of the project (Laboratory of Information Technologies) lies in the fact that in addition to training, technologies were founded; it provided for training in specialized programs and video / photo processing. These skills will certainly help students in further employment after graduation, as boarding schools are closed institutions and it is very difficult for their graduates to integrate into society. That is why, in addition to teaching a computer program, a team of volunteers consisting of the most capable and successful pupils, as well as students, according to the plan, was supposed to conduct lectures, trainings and debates on relevant topics. All these activities are designed to help students of the boarding school in their further socialization, while the participation of our volunteers in this project will serve as an excellent experience for them. According to the plan, classes in the laboratory were to be held three times a week.



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