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Business Constructor 2.0


The Business Constructor v.2 / 2020 initiative was launched under the slogan “Write down your success story”.

The Business Constructor project is being implemented by the Peshraft OBO and UNDP Tajikistan as part of the project “Supporting Youth for Development and Innovation in Tajikistan” and the Government of the Russian Federation and is aimed at supporting the development of small and medium-sized businesses in Tajikistan, which not only improves economic performance in the country, but also reduce unemployment in general.


The main purpose of the courses "Business Designer" is to stimulate the activity of young people in the field of entrepreneurship, the development of entrepreneurship in the Republic of Tajikistan. The development of entrepreneurship among active youth for sustainable economic growth in Tajikistan, through the creation of new jobs and the implementation of startups in the field of small and medium-sized businesses.


In 2019, the "Business Designer" initiative was launched under the slogan "From goals to achievements." For 16 weeks, the speakers and mentors were influential and successful entrepreneurs from the private sector of the country. In addition, representatives from the public and public sectors took part, who contributed to the comprehensive training of future young businessmen.

As a result, 70 participants in the form of 15 teams were trained in the basics of business and, upon completion of the courses, 5 projects were successfully launched and are still actively developing. Having successfully completed the project at the end of 2019 with a final pitch, in 2020 the OBO Peshraft launched the second “Business Designer”.


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