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As polls show, the question of choosing a future profession remains a challenge for many high school students. To help solve this dilemma and help scholars to make a prudent decision when choosing a specialty, we launched Career Consulting.

How it works?

We get in touch with successful people, specialists of one or another field and ask them to share their experience with the Peshrafts.

For consultations, we collect those high school students who show interest in a particular specialty. Thus, during consultations, fellows receive unique experience by developing their knowledge regarding a particular profession.

The project has already caused a great public outcry. To date, “career counseling” has been conducted at Orienbank OJSC, the Consulting and Auditing Company BDO-Tajikistan, the Dushanbe Serena Hotel, the Medical University of Tajikistan and the Megafon-Tajikistan Company, MIF Alif-Capital OJSC, Sheraton Dushanbe Hotel , Radio "Vatan".

Beneficiaries of the Career Advice Project

The participants of this project are our scholarship holders from the project "Investing in Talents". They can become only the most active of them. Their number can be about 20 to 25 people.



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