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Free Golang courses with further employment!

Peshraft Go Academy

*acceptance of applications until February 7, 2021



OBO "Peshraft" announces the launch of the "Peshraft Go Academy" project. The project provides courses on learning Golang with further employment!


Go (golang) is a modern programming language developed internally by Google.  The course will provide the basics of Go programming, experience in using the language in the main tasks that are encountered today in server-side web development.

The course is intended for people with basic experience in web programming.  Of the candidates, only 30 people will take the course, which will be trained for 3 months. Applications are accepted until February 7 of the 2021 year.


It should be noted that the selection consists of 3 stages:

  1. The first stage includes an online survey.

  2. The second stage is testing.

  3. And the third stage is the interview.


Requirements for a candidate:

  1. Age - 20-35 (if a student - preference for graduate courses of technical universities)

  2. Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JS

  3. Teamwork skills

  4. Motivation


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