Public initiatives with the EBRD


The Peshraft public organization, with the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, has implemented one of the best initiatives regarding the creation of better conditions for educating people with disabilities.


For three years, we worked together tirelessly and not paying attention to the difficulties that we encountered in the implementation of this charity project. The Vahdat project is a charity initiative, within the framework of which we equipped the school for the blind and visually impaired in the city of Vahdat with the necessary educational material to continue full-time study at the school.


When we decided to visit this school, we saw a not very pleasant picture. The school has not been repaired since its foundation since 1986. The roof leaked, there was a strong draft. The doors and windows were wooden and of course there were no basic conditions, not only to study, but just to be there was unsafe and unhealthy.


We decided that if there are no elementary conditions for study, and what educational materials can be discussed. We, the Peshraft team, and the EBRD team in Tajikistan, led by the beautiful and respected Aiten Rustamova, decided to raise funds not only for training material, but also for repairs.

The initiative was truly powerful. We were driven by perseverance, feelings of compassion and support for our compatriots, we wanted to help at least somehow.


Fortunately, there were many of our like-minded people, both inside and outside the country. Together, with the support of the EBRD's head office and our local entrepreneurs, we were able to raise $ 9,000.


For several months, repairs were carried out. About 700 square meters (including walls, ceiling, etc.) inside and outside the school building were repaired, and 250 square meters of the roof of the building were completely repaired. Now it’s light, warm, does not flow and it’s nice to be there.


We are sure that we did not do so much, but we made every possible effort to ensure that the children continued their studies. Education is human capital, the most valuable and irreplaceable. Supporting education in Tajikistan is Peshraft's top priority.


We strive to support education so that our youth will be interested in receiving a quality education and serving their small but proud country!


In March, the ceremony of the "opening" of the school or the revival took place, one might say. Everything went very organized. And most importantly, how much happiness and joy the children received on this beautiful spring day. As part of the opening program, we handed over all the training materials, congratulated everyone. We handed over letters of thanks to all partners, including beautiful girls-artists, for betraying pleasant and warm colors indoors.


Our work does not end there, we will continue to support the school.


Upon completion of the project, we received an additional 1,500 euros for the successful implementation of the charity initiative. For some time, we thought about how to effectively spend these funds in order to improve the conditions for students to go to school to study. We are glad that we suddenly had kind people - the friendly Geres team, led by their director - now our friend and colleague, Jonathan Demange, who joined our initiative.

A team of professional craftsmen from Geres did a tremendous amount of work in a short time, thereby training local staff in completely innovative methods of building insulation. As part of the additional repairs, the following work was carried out: making full use of not only modern, but also green technologies that will help efficiently spend energy and keep heat inside the school. Now it’s always warm and cozy inside, and thanks to the partner work done under the Vahdat project, school students have access to school education, social development and future prospects in order to be a full member of society and realize their goals and plans for the future.


We express special gratitude, sincere gratitude and deep bow to the official partner of the Vahdat project - the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development represented by the EBRD Head respected Aiten Rustamova and the EBRD team for supporting the charity initiative, for which we always and in all situations did not refuse our common goals.

It was a great honor for us to work with you!


Other partners also played an important role, without which the project would simply not have been possible to implement.


We express special gratitude to Somon Air Airlines for many years of cooperation and for the transportation of important training materials (110 kg) from Moscow to Dushanbe.


We also want to express special thanks to the Geres Tajikistan team for an interesting and creative way of capturing the opening moment and pleasant memories of the completion of the work. Thank you for the bright colors that made a special sense in the framework of our cooperation on the Vahdat project.

We are also grateful to the respected partners: OJSC MDO Alif Sarmoya, Global Leasing LLC, the Official Representation of the Adidas store in the Republic of Tatarstan, the Khair Initiative Group, the Event Agency O, Bale!, A group of artists led by master Parvina Abbasovna and to the leadership of the Art School No. 2 of Dushanbe, Media of the Abdullo Media company, and of course directly to the leadership of the school for the blind and visually impaired in Vakhdat for EVERYTHING !!! You just did well. Thank you for all of you, our dear partners, were with us!


Our society is how we create it. We try to maintain a sense of compassion and respect.




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