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Food aid for 50 poor families

As part of the Holy Month of Ramadan and the project to support poor families MoHamdardem #digitalsupport, the founders and the board of trustees of Peshraft provided assistance in the form of food packages for 50 poor families who found themselves in a difficult life situation. In addition, it is worth emphasizing that using the database, we selected the most vulnerable and among them were families who suffered from the consequences of the pandemic in 2020.

The grocery set included the following products:

• 20 kg of flour;

• 5 kg of rice;

• 3 kg of sugar;

• 3 l. vegetable oil;

• 3 kg of pasta;

• 2 cells of chicken eggs;

• 20 kg of potatoes;

• 10 kg of carrots;

• 10 kg. luka;

* * One box of chewing gum (for kids on Eid Al-Fitr).

"Peshraft" expresses its great gratitude to everyone who supported the implementation of this charitable initiative. Special thanks to our volunteers, thanks to whom the help

it was delivered to the addressees.

Once again, we congratulate everyone on the Holy month of Ramadan and may all charitable donations and good deeds that are being done this month be multiplied by the Almighty.



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