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Kulyab boarding school for boys with mental retardation

For five years, Peshraft has been holding iftars for children and adults during the blessed month of Ramadan. And this year was no exception either!

On April twenty-third, Peshraft, with the support of its founders and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Tatarstan, visited the Kulyab boarding school for boys with mental retardation.

The volunteers had a fun day with the guys, set the table for iftar and made small gifts for the children!

The day turned out to be very eventful and memorable both for the volunteers themselves and for the children.

This year we are going to cover more than 1200 iftar participants, and we also want to help 50 families with a difficult financial situation. #peshraft #iftar #интернат #ramadan #volunteers #куляб


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