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Learn the Tajik language online - Zabon Project

Peshraft launches a charity event to support video tutorials of the Tajik language!

Throughout the centuries-old history, the Tajik language has been threatened with extinction more than once, as foreigners tried to oust it from the life of society and the state. But, fortunately, he always overcame all the trials and was reborn.

The public initiative "Zabon" together with the OBO "Peshraft" plans to launch a crowdfunding project "Tajik Language Online", which will be aimed at promoting the study of the Tajik language through online resources. The project will be implemented through a new platform called "Zabon", which means "language" in Tajik. Zabon will allow students from all over the world to learn Tajik through online video tutorials, audiobooks, and e-books.

This project is strategically important for our state to maintain cultural identity, traditions and family ties. One of the goals of the project is to show the beauty and richness of the Tajik language, to eliminate the opinion that it is going through hard times now and that it is littered with words borrowed from other languages, because the Tajik language is a symbol of great culture and it needs to be protected.

Peshraft invests $10,000 to support this project and asks the world Tajik community to support this initiative.

Even a small contribution makes a big difference! Become a sponsor, support the campaign!

For more information, see follow the link below (GoFundMe)

Details for transfers:

GoFundMe: Sberbank: 2202 2001 0064 0273 (Nodirdzhon T) Korti Milli: 5058 2702 8000 5264 PayPal:


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