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Fundraising for the purchase and delivery of packages with essential foods, personal hygiene and masks for the vulnerable families in dire need

in Tajikistan during the COVID-19 pandemic

Charity campaign to fight COVID-19 in Tajikistan started on 5th of May at 14:00 and should collect 2 million TJS.


All funds raised will be DOUBLED!

You can buy a two week food supply for just 10 GBP (12 USD) donation for a family in need in Tajikistan affected by the rapid spread of Covid-19 and pneumonia.


The Republic of Tajikistan is a 10 million nation in Central Asia with an Average Household income per capita of 1 GBP (1.2  USD) per day.

A lot of families depend on remittance from migrants working in Russia, which is stopped now and most likely will be heavily hit due to the upcoming economic downturn there.

On the 29th of April, Tajikistan officially announced that it has COVID-19 cases. At the moment the number of cases cannot be estimated reliably.

Whom do we want to help?

The goal of this campaign is to help vulnerable families without sources of income and food, lonely elderly who do not have relatives, and families of medical personnel.

How do we help?

We are discussing a partnership with several food delivery services to compile a Meal Box with essentials
(10kg  of flour, 2 packs of pasta, 3 kg of cooking oil, 10 face masks, 4 packs of soap), each box would cost 10 GBP(12 USD)  including delivery.

How do we find people in need?

Peshraft has its own database and it is currently partnering with a number of local charities that have databases of people in need and elderly without relatives.

This campaign is organised in partnership of sharing databases of people in need across a number of local charities in Tajikistan:

• Public organization "Open Hearts" - Dushanbe
• "Good Neighbors Tajikistan" - Dushanbe
• Fund "Rushdi Toikiston" -Dushanbe
• "Dusti Saboh" - Dushanbe
• Jahoni Umed Charitable Center - Khujand
• Charitable fund "Lona" - Dushanbe
• Public organization "Ekhsonkoron" - city. Buston (Sogd)
• Public organization "Dilsuzi" Dushanbe
• Public organization "Korvoni Umed" - Dushanbe
• Public organization "Luch dobra" -Khujand
• International public organization "Special Olympiad of Tajikistan", Dushanbe.
• The initiative of parents of children with autism "Herod" in Dushanbe
• Charity initiative "Khair" in Dushanbe

Peshraft also in contact with local hospitals and it creating a list of doctors and medical staff that is on the frontline fighting the virus 24/7

The target

Our campaign target is to help 14,000 families in Tajikistan! We are aiming to provide a total help for the value of 1 mln Somoni (78,000 GBP/97,000 USD) 

All funds raised via fundraising will be DOUBLED by the founders and donors of Peshraft and Tajikinvest Charitable Trust! Among confirmed donors for this campaign we have Alif Bank and Arvand Bank.

Real-time updates with the number of meal deliveries and addresses will be visible on  and FB group (

Official sources

Unified Hotline:


Ministry of Health website:


Doctors' answers to frequently asked questions about Covid-19


Weekly open call PCO "Peshraft"

Every Saturday, you can engage in an open discussion and exchange ideas on aid distribution


"Mo Hamdardem!" campaign reports


raised of 1 mln somoni

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