Fundraising for the purchase and delivery of packages with essential foods, personal hygiene and masks for the vulnerable families in dire need

in Tajikistan during the COVID-19 pandemic

For donations from all countries

For donations from Russia

Transfer to Sberbank card:

2202 2001 0064 0273

+7 918 631-12-72

Nodirjon Nozimovich T.

For donations from Tajikistan

Transfer to the Alif wallet number:

5058 2702 8000 5264

+992 934 84 77 00

Matlyuba Salikhova

For donations from Tajikistan

Via the Arvand app to the phone number:

+992 927-95-00-01

For donations from CIS countries

Transfer to the e-wallet number:

+992 501 29-41-61


Official sources

Unified Hotline:


Ministry of Health website:

Doctors' answers to frequently asked questions about Covid-19

Weekly open call PCO "Peshraft"

Every Saturday, you can engage in an open discussion and exchange ideas on aid distribution

"Mo Hamdardem!" campaign reports


raised of 1 mln somoni

Charity Online Concert

Dear friends, we hasten to inform you that on May 24 at 20:00 Dushanbe time a free online charity concert TojikOn organized by ClickStars will be held in support of the charity event PCO Peshraft - # Mohamdardem, to fight COVID-19 in Tajikistan.


During the online broadcast of the concert, anyone who visits the site will be able to donate funds to the Peshraft fund, which in turn will direct all the funds raised to the necessary targeted assistance to the victims of COVID-19 in Tajikistan.



About Us

«Peshraft» is a public, charitable and non-profit organization whose mission is to invest in the human potential of the country. We deeply believe that these investments are the most stable for the development of our society. 

The projects implemented by public charity organization «Peshraft» are aimed at increasing the level of education of young people in Tajikistan by supporting gifted and diligent children from poor families.

We are looking for talented, diligent, young people and we are striving to provide opportunities that could potentially change their lives for the better! We believe in the human potential of our country, and we see our mission as improving Tajikistan's education system.

Our Goals


Good health and well-being

Quality education

Fostering youth capacity development

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PCO Peshraft is a non-profit organization.

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